More often, school leavers not know want to study or after finishing school. Some are uncertain about to study at university and are considering other options. These options might consist of entering the job market to start earning money; starting up business; taking gap year to travel and work, or joining the family business. rolex óra

The biggest challenge for school leavers is that they essentially leave school with virtually no employ ability skills or experience. Employers on the other hand are seeking candidates with skills and experience. Successful individuals are the ones who realize this and try to close this gap as quickly as possible.

We can offer the perfect solution is individuals who want to enter the job market with required skills and knowledge. Our qualifications focus the transfer of knowledge as well as practical application in real-world manner. Our experienced facilitators and assessors are instrumental in achieving this.

One should have Employability Skills  not only to gain employment, but also progress with replicas de relogios organisation to achieve one’s potential and contribute successfully the organisation’s strategic direction”.

Employability Skills are skills that apply across variety of jobs and life contexts. They is sometimes referred to key skills, core skills, life skills, essential skills, key competencies, necessary skills, and transferable skills. Industry’s preferred term is Employability Skills.

All of MLV TECS’s courses have the 8 core employability skills embedded. These are: communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organizing, self-management, learning, and technology.

To view the employability skills relevant your qualification, to Courses tab, then click on “Read more” under the qualification of choice. Scroll down to “Employability skills” section. There you will find the link with specific details pertaining the employability skills that belong your qualification.

Options available to school leavers include:

• Gap year students generally complete the full-time Certification delivery option before they set to work and travel, as this improves their employability overseas and duration between 1 to 3 months.

• Other gap year students might complete their Certification qualification through orologi replica e-learning option while working or travelling. They can then complete this at their own pace.

• School leavers who are unsure of what to study and decide to put off university or college study for a year, but want to work and earn in the meanwhile might complete their Certification through full-time or part-time workshops. Flexible e-learning options are also available.

• School leavers who have decided on going to university or college might combine a skills based qualification with their other studies. Some complete their Certification’s full-time before starting their degree studies; others do it concurrently via e-learning.

• Students might develop a career pathway in a selected field of interest. Careful career planning and setting of personal goals allows progress to the next level of learning. Upon the successful completion of a qualification at the certificate level students can move to the diploma or higher level.

Our Certificate Courses are well suited to school leavers the following reasons:

• The entry requirement at the Certification level is the completion of year 10th OR 12th of schooling

• Our qualifications are designed to meet the skill and employability needs of business world

• The course content is current and has immediate application

• Our qualifications include a combination of theory and real-life skills

• Various delivery options are available; on-line, face-to-face or a blended model which combines on-line with face-to-face attendance

• MLV TECS, SSC and NSDC Certifications are accredited nationally and recognized by employers